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Hopeless romantic dreams...

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15th March 2008

12:16am: DO IT!
I posted this four years ago. I wanted to post it again and see what kind of responses I got, so ask away!

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions,no more no less.
ask me anything you want.
then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
Current Mood: reflective

22nd July 2007

11:53pm: I hate people
Fucking assholes. Someone just stole Nick's bicycle within the last 2 hours. It was chained up outside our apartment in the bushes right next to the door. They managed to figure out the combination. They left my old bike and the one that I just bought. The sad thing is I was home the whole time. It makes me feel really edgy. I don't want to live here anymore.
Current Mood: irritated

3rd July 2006

12:32pm: bore bored bored... did I say I was bored?
What a boring day here at work. The phone is hardly ringing since everywhere else is closed. I can't invoice because of month end. Everyone else has gone home early. I think I might paint my nails later....

I just painted my nails, did a crappy job. But they are now orchid sapphire. Sounds like blue right? nope its a metallic sort of lilac color. Just in case anyone cares. :) Work is still boring. Doing word searches all day is starting to make my head hurt. I've got 4 of them totally done and a 5th mostly done. There is a 3 musketeers bar calling my name. But I've only got to waste another 45 minutes or so before I can finally go home. YAY!!!!
Current Mood: bored

29th June 2006

4:03pm: ready to pull my hair out
ugh. Registering for classes is turning out to be a pain in my bum. Its not that the classes are full like I thought they might be, its that they aren't offering the ones that I want to take this fall. They don't have the spanish class I want to take. They have beginning spanish, which I've taken 4 years already. And they have like super advanced spanish. So for now I'm registered for Intermediate. I wanted to take the next highest class which is described as an intensive review and practice with vocabulary. Which would be what I would need. There was 3 different lit classes that I wanted to take and they aren't offering any of them this semester. Not even online or anything. That sucks a lot. And the only history class that they have I might be interested in taking sounds really lame. I guess I've been taking too many classes. If Ferris hadn't screwed up my transcript record I could be going to Western this fall instead. Oh well. My other problem is trying to balance out a schedule. I have a morning class and an evening class on Monday and Wednesday and then an evening class on Tuesday. I need one more class to fill up my credits, but I don't know when that is going to leave me time for work. Hopefully I can find a monday afternoon class to even me out. Thats all, thats my venting for the day....

20th March 2006

6:06pm: rollin on dubs
So I got a new car, hopefully it will last me a while...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

That is all.
Current Mood: pissed off

13th February 2006

10:56pm: Happy Belated Birthday to Kristen Marie Felts on Saturday!!!! I hope you had a good 21st!!
I even remembered and was going to call you and thats as far as I remembered. I forgot until I was at work today. Hope it was good anyway.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day tomorrow. I got flowers from my Dad today. :)
Current Mood: content

26th November 2005

11:58am: questions from Rachel
1. Do you regret anything you've ever done??
oh geez, where do I even begin? There are a lot of things in life that I think I might have done differently if I knew then what I know now, but I don't know if I really regret them, everything is a learning experience, I just have to learn from my mistakes. But to name a few things: I regret that I let myself be used for almost a year and a half. I regret that I don't treat my friends better or see them enough. I regret that I haven't been the most outgoing person. I'm sure the list could go on and on, but I'll stop there.

2. If you could meet one person alive or dead who would it be and why?
hmmm, there isn't that many people that I can think of in this category that aren't stereotypical famous people like Marilyn Monroe, sure it'd be great to meet her and all, but I'd have no idea what to say. So I think I would have to choose my dad's oldest brother Rick. Thats who my brother is named after and I have only heard good things about him. He died in a car accident when he was 17. It makes me wonder how my family things might have changed if he hadn't. (my dad's side of the family doesn't always get along with each other).

3. What's your most vivid memory of our friendship?
Gosh, there is just so many to choose from. We've been through the good and the bad. I'll never forget that night when we decided to go for a ride when I was 15, that was the worst feeling ever. I can still remember the time we went skinny dipping on 4th of July when we were like 12 and you lost your bottoms. I remember that you were so upset and worried and I couldn't stop laughing at the situation. When you came to visit me at college freshman year and everyone at my work thought I was a lesbian from then on. The many trips to taco bell and scrounging for change. The fact that you hated my boyfriend at the time and we weren't getting along that great and yet when he broke my heart you cancelled your plans just to spend time with me to cheer me up. Theres just too many great memories for me to choose from. Thats what happens when you have a good friend like you :)

4. How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop?
I'm really not sure, I don't like those that much because they stick to my teeth and I don't lick it usually, just keep it in my mouth. So I'll have to get back to you on that.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why?
I used to have my life so planned out and I don't know what ever happened to that game plan. I'd planned by the age of 22 to be married and have a great job. And now, thats only 2 years away and its still up in the air. Hopefully in 5 years I'll have my own house and a loving husband. Because renting sucks, and the husband because I don't want to end up alone. In 5 years I will be 25 years old and it will be the end of 2009. I'll have lived a quarter of a century. Who knows I might have kids by then, or you might too. I guess we will see when the time comes. I at least hope that I will be done with school and have a good job.


Here are the rules:

1 -- Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 -- I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 -- You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 -- You'll include this explanation.
5 -- You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed
Current Mood: content

21st November 2005

6:52pm: Bored! bored bored!
Just another manic monday. whoa ooh ohh oh oh....
Work was tedious and boring today. It was just a boring slow day because its a holdiay week so we weren't busy. But I'm starting to get excited about Christmas. I kind of wish Thanksgiving would hurry up and get over so I can decorate. Thats the best part of Christmas I think.
Yesterday Nick and I went down to church with my parents, it was the Church's big harvest/thanksgiving dinner. We ate good. I came home and took about a 4 hour nap. Nick didn't wake me up, so I slept until 6:30, which meant I wasn't tired for bed last night. Not cool. Last week on Thursday I decided I'd skip my morning classes and cuddle with Nick instead since it was all snowy out. But tomorrow I have 2 tests, well at least one because the other will probably get pushed back again because he sucks. Not looking forward to that or the snow that we are supposed to be getting.
Saturday we went to the movies and saw Walk the line. I liked it a lot. I had no idea that Reese Witherspoon could sing (although it is country, its still good). Then Nick bought me pizza from Godfathers. I thought it was really good, but he thought it wasn't any better than a frozen pizza. That was about all we did this weekend except hang around the apartment.
I'm going to be at my parent's house Wednesday night and Thursday night because of work and family gatherings. I have to work on Friday which stinks, but maybe I'll get to leave early. :)
Oh, question for whomever feels like answering....
I have been getting bazoooko pop ups recently. I've ran several virus scans, deleted ares, I have a pop up blocker that was working fine previously, and I don't look at porn. I have about 4 sites that I visit: livejournal, myspace, hotmail, and yahoo. Thats about it. Any suggestions or anyone else getting this????
I guess thats all...later.
Current Mood: tired

13th November 2005

10:40am: Well I don't think its been a week since my last update, but thats ok. Just thought I'd update in the mishaps of my weekend thus far.
Friday morning started out ok and I headed to work. I hadn't even made it to Battle Creek yet and all of a sudden traffic stops abruptly and comes to a total stand still. Eventually we start moving at a snail's pace. Since the anttena in dad's truck isn't hooked up I couldn't listen to the radio to find out what was going on, so I called my mom. Well turns out there was an accident between 2 semis. It looked like the one rear ended the other. I decided I'd get off on the Capital Ave exit and take the back way the rest of the way (I usually don't because of deer). Well I finally get up there and thats right where the accident is, so I couldn't but then traffic started moving again. I ended up being 40 minutes late to work, but they weren't too concerned. Work dragged by so slowly, all I did was play solitaire for the last hour. But I stayed and had dinner with my parents since Nick was working. We went down to Adam and Marci's and saw all of the puppies. They are so cute, round little fuzzy things. Well it was getting later by then so I thought I'd head home. I turned on to main headed towards the light and I saw the light was green so I sped up a little bit to not have to stop at the light and it turned yellow and it turned red as I was coasting under it. Well as soon as I saw someone turn the corner I thought, oh crap I bet thats the cops. Sure enough it was. They pulled me over right by the park. He said it was red, but didn't give me a ticket. Then gave me a bunch of crap because of the way the license plate is attached. (Its in the window right now because the bumper is all messed up and the plate won't stay on.) Then he asked where I was headed and gave me some more crap because my dad has some car parts in the back of the truck. He didn't think it was a good idea for me to come all the way up here with it in the back. I told him I'd sold my car and it was all I had for now. So they let me go and I headed to the highway. Everything was ok until I got on 94. Traffic was so backed up. It ended up taking me 2 hours to get home because they were doing construction. Well they weren't actually working, there were cones set up that had it down to one lane, and there were guys setting up more cones but no actual work.
Yesterday I decided to try and find the post office because I had a registered package that had to be picked up and no one is here when the mail man comes. So we looked up the address and saw that Michigan Ave turned into Miller Rd which was where I needed to go. So I go down Michigan (had to turn around because I missed the road the first time). I ended up in Down town and it never turned into Miller Rd. Well there were some signs that pointed towards the post office so I followed those. Stinking one way streets had me all screwed up. But I found it. I thought this isn't a very big post office for being the main one. Thats because it wasn't. So I decided I'd just go home and make Nick help me find it later (he'd taken his bike down to Jason's). Well I got back to Sprinkle Rd and I decided I'd drive a little further and see if there was another Michigan Ave. Well there wasn't but low and behold: There was Miller Rd. The post office is simple enough to find if you know where you are going.
Other than that the weekends been ok. Got woke up this morning by the stinking loud people upstairs and some kid running up and down the stairs outside. We're going to Nick's mama's with Jason and Tara later for her birthday.
I still need to finish up my Christmas shopping but not too much else is new.
Current Mood: okay

10th November 2005

2:36pm: my first update from KVCC
Well I'm here at school, in the library for the first time. Its not as fancy and has fewer computers than Ferris but its still pretty nice. The computers seem to be really nice and I like the setup. So I haven't updated in quite a while just because I'm lazy, sorry. I sold my car yesterday. I'm kind of glad to be rid of it because its given me a lot of trouble, but it made me sad at the same time. The lady wanted to take it Saturday when they stopped to look at it but I had to get the title and something else to drive first. So I have my dad's truck for a little bit. It gets crappy gas mileage, but it runs good. I'm not used to driving it. I thought I was going to rear end some guy in a silver grandam this morning coming off of the exit ramp. It takes a little more to slow it down than it did my car and I didn't really take that into effect. The light was green so I didn't slow all the way down and I ended up having to slam on my brakes because everyone was slowing down, causing everything in the truck to go flying to the front and the glove box to pop open (the latch is broken and it did before when I had turned the corner). I can't quite cruise along at 80 like I did in my car :( But I am on the market for a newer vehicle, and my price range is not that big. But I got a decent amount out of it, more than I had expected.
This weekend I plan on finishing my christmas shopping, (maybe not for Nick yet) and then just probably being lazy. We might go to Nick's buddy Aaron's house though, I dunno.
Nick started his new job on Monday. He seems to be getting along ok there. He comes home exhausted though. I took him dinner at work Tuesday, and he thought that was just great. I'm probably going to tonight too.
My mom and dad had dinner at the apartment with me last night since they followed me up with the truck. It was good. (dang it thinking about food is making me hungry!!!)
I got a raise at work, thats super exciting. And I'm working a few more hours since Nick isn't riding with me. I'd still like to have a job a little closer to my apartment, but I like working at the mill. Can't have the best of both worlds I suppose.
I'd better go though and get around for not so exciting World History. See how I did on my test (I don't think so great).
Current Mood: blah

25th October 2005

7:03pm: mmm...captain and red pop
yep, I'm drinking on a Tuesday night, don't know why it just sounded good. School was pretty good today. I got a B on my world history exam I was worried about and a 93 on my psych test. Somebody even asked about my car today so that was super.
Then I went to this job fair/ interview thing at Stryker. I got told once again that I suck because I'm a student. The guy said it wasn't even my schedule, its the fact that I'll probably graduate within the next 2 years and they want their investment of training people to last more than that. Its depressing I can't seem to find anyone who wants to hire me.
Other than that I've been extremely moody lately for some reason. I didn't sleep real great last night and the stupid kid upstairs was throwing a tantrum at 6 today. Not too much else, gotta go check on dinner....
Current Mood: moody

23rd October 2005

9:30pm: Well here I am again. Seems to be only a weekly thing for me to update anymore but thats the way it goes. Last Monday Nick and I went and gave blood after work. I reached the gallon mark. Thats right I have donated a gallon of blood. Thats a lot of lives saved, at least I like to think. (Its up to 4 lives for every pint donation). But Monday night we came home, had some juice on the way and had dinner and I felt all fine and dandy. Then I went to take my shower and half way through it I started getting really dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. Everything started turning really fuzzy. I leaned against the wall thinking it would go away real quick, but it didn't. So I felt my way out of the shower and got some water to drink and laid on the couch. It wasn't such a good time. I don't know what caused it, I've never had it happen before and I didn't have the shower very hot. But anyway...Other than that not too much excitement. Seems like I have a test every day that I'm at school. I did really good on the last psych exam that we got back. I took another one thursday but I don't get that until Tuesday. Its amazing how if I apply myself more I do better. Weird concept. This weekend has been pretty good. We went over to Nick's old roomate's (Nathan) house. We watched part of the Wings game and then some movies. Leslie was there too. Shes a silly girl sometimes, thats why I love her. They all did some drinking but I didn't. (there were no girlie drinks accessable). Nick and I ended up leaving around 1:30 or so. We saw a million deer on the way home. I slept in late Saturday because I didn't go to sleep until almost 3 (we were up almost 24 hours.) Saturday was a really lazy day. We did ride our bicycles down to family video, it was chilly and I am desperately out of shape. We rented some war movie (nick wanted band of brothers season 3&4 but it was out) I don't remember the name of it. It was pretty good. Today I slept in a little, but not too much. Another lazy day. Although I did do some homework. I also started making our Christmas wreath, yes thats coming up soon. The apartment still needs cleaned, but that was not what I wanted to do today. We went and got a few groceries. I wanted to chase the seagulls with my car but they didn't move very fast. I made meat loaf for dinner, half the reason I like that is because I get to decorate it in ketchup. Now I'm just getting around for bed. Its back to work in the morning which really sucks. I wish that I could get a job up here. So much crap that I need to be doing.

We are having a little shindig here Friday! Nothing too big or exciting, just some friends over. Let me know if anyone wants to come. Good night my loves.
Current Mood: moody

16th October 2005

12:41am: Happy sweetest day!
For as much as I hate romantic holidays, this one was pretty good. I went to my cousin Nichole's baby shower this afternoon after my interview at sears (which didn't go that great). She doesn't look like shes 6 and a half months along, but shes not very big to begin with. I stopped on my way home to get some sweets for my sweet and when I got home he had flowers and a card for me, it was sweet. Thats the first time that a guy other than my dad has ever gotten me flowers. :)Not much else...Lunch tomorrow with Nick's family. I need to clean the apartment a little and we need to carve our pumpkin. But for now I need to be getting to bed! Good night.
Current Mood: happy

5th October 2005

1:07pm: just thought this might brighten everyones day....not so much
Prices for gasoline have almost doubled in the past two years. The Energy Department expects electricity to be about 10% more expensive this winter than last. Heating oil is forecast to rise 34%. Heating costs in the natural gas-reliant Midwest are projected to rise 71%.

To some degree, this can be attributed to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the temporary closure of refineries and pipelines that they prompted. But the root causes lie in the nation's lack of a meaningful energy policy and its growing appetite for energy born of 25 years of low prices.

State and national policymakers could have pushed conservation measures when fuel was cheap. To be sure, this would not have been popular because it would have meant significant fuel taxes. But it would have made the nation less susceptible to a price spike by preventing demand from rising faster than supply.

These policymakers could also have developed more domestic oil and gas production by taking on local opposition. Having not taken these routes, they have little credibility in urging conservation now.

This was from USA today...good to know
Current Mood: irritated

2nd October 2005

9:00am: Yesterday was a pretty good day. I finally made it down to see the puppies with my mom. Nick and Jason had gone golfing and then shopping so I got to spend the day around home and such. But the puppies are sure adorable, their eyes aren't quite open yet, but their ears are floppy now. They are little chunkers. There are five of them now. After doing that I went over and picked up Tara and we went to Battle Creek to get a head start on Christmas shopping. We got back to Coldwater before she had to be to work so we stopped in to see Wessie at work. I hadn't seen her in a while so that was good. Then I dropped off Tara at work and drove over to my Grandparents, but they weren't home so I just left them a note.Then I went back to my parents where I took a little nap until the dog started barking. My mom, dad, and I made ginger chicken for dinner. Mine never turns out quite like hers. After dinner my mom and I decided to start work on the Christmas stockings that she is making for Nick and I, they will look good when they are finished. Nick came to pick me up shortly after 9 and we headed home. Well we didn't end up getting home until probably 12:30. We passed Battle Creek and his tire blew out. It was on the driver's side right out in traffic otherwise we would have just changed it and been on our way. But he called roadside assistance. They said it would be about 40 minutes before a wrecker would get there after he had just spent 15 minutes on the phone with the insurance people (who had no idea where I94 was). Well a cop pulled up before the insurance people had called back to give a time estimate and when we told her what had happened she said "Ok, well if help is on the way" and hopped back in her car and drove off. But shortly after another cop pulled up after Nick had decided to change it himself so we just asked him to stay parked there to block traffic. He had a full sized jack for us to use too. So we got it changed. The tire isn't going to be fixable, totally blew out the back side of it, so thats no good. We thanked the cop and headed home. It wasn't the best ending of the night, nor the best way to start the month.
Current Mood: calm

26th September 2005

7:02pm: yuck, what died in here!
So Nick and I came home from work today, we had stopped in Battle Creek at Don Pablo's for dinner and we walked in the door and both took a big wiff. Nick said it smelled stuffy, I said, "it stinks." So the hunt was on to find the odor source. Nick had put his stinky hockey stuff in the washer last night but hadn't put it in the dryer yet we thought perhaps that was it. But on my way over to the washer I stopped at the cabinent under the sink to check the trash. I opened the door and took a big wiff and just about gagged it was so rancid. I had taken the trash out yesterday during my cleaning streak, but then when I made dinner of pork chops last night I not thinkingly just threw the fat cuttings in the garbage and didn't take it to the dumpster. Yuck! I wanted to hurl. It still reeks in here, we have all the windows open, the fans going, and I sprayed air freshener. Remind me not to do that again.

On our way home today we went to merge on to 94 from 69 and we couldn't there was a cop blocking the ramp. "what?" We look over and there was an over turned truck and trailer on the edge of the ramp. I didn't see any other vehicles so we don't know what happened to him. There wasn't any ambulances or anything so everyone must have been ok.

Well I still have homework to catch up on before tomorrow. So I'm off for now. Less than 3 months until Christmas!
Current Mood: content

24th September 2005

9:27pm: "Doctor says I wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if I'd just stop putting my finger up there"
I'm feeling so much better, I actually had energy to clean today!! I went to the doctor on Friday on my lunch break at work (it ended up being like a 2 hour lunch but that was ok with me.) I have a nasty sinus infection, but they gave me a prescription for some good drugs, so hopefully it will be gone before too long. The doctor told me to take two of the pills yesterday and I took the second one shortly after dinner and it just knocked me out. We rented movies last night and I fell asleep after about ten minutes of the second one. Next thing I knew Nick was waking me up at about 12 to tuck me into bed. I slept in really late today and then I made us a huge breakfast that neither of us could finish, but that served as our lunch too since it wasn't until about 11. We had pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and juice, it was great. After I was lazy on the couch for a while I finally got my butt in gear and cleaned up a little bit. I hung up our Halloween/Fall decorations on the windows, (Nick was supposed to help too, but he got sidetracked). Since it is officially fall and a little over a month until Halloween. My mom is making me a costume, even though I'm sure we aren't going anywhere although having trick or treaters is a possibility. Shes making me a slutty barmaid costume, although since my mom is making it I doubt it will be very slutty. I put my new comforter and stuff on my bed that I've had for a while and just haven't used yet. Its maroon and kind of silky, it looks good. More fallish than my blue one is. I still need to vacuum and clean the bathroom but thats going to wait until tomorrow. I also have a lot of homework to do tomorrow, since I was too sick and lazy to do it earlier this week, now I must catch it all up. Before I know it Christmas will be here. I hope I find a better job before then. Speaking of which, Nick has an interview Wednesday at Target distribution. I have yet to get any calls or anything which is really starting to worry me. Working only 3 days a week and driving 60 miles to get there isn't cutting it. I haven't made it down to see Adam and Marci's puppies yet, but hopefully soon. Anyway thats about it, its been a while since I've made a decent post, so there it is. Hooray its the weekend.
Current Mood: good

21st September 2005

9:43pm: it is not cold season yet. but autumn starts tomorrow
I'm sick, it sucks. Everyone at work is sick too. They all called in so it was me and the boss running the office today. I'm going to take a shower and some drugs and go to bed, maybe I'll go to class in the morning.

19th September 2005

9:33pm: I feel so violated.
My car got broken into last night. They stole a bunch of crap including my cd player, all of my cds, my izone camera and my dad's wrench. Not to mention they went through everything in my glove box and the rest of the car. Ok, I'll admit it was unlocked, which I don't have a regular habit of doing. But it is not the victims fault, I didn't say please come rob me. The least they could have done was steal the car too, that way I could get a new one, but they didn't. It was not a good start to my crappy day.
I feel like crap, I think I am coming down with something. I have homework to do, I must go.
Current Mood: angry

18th September 2005

9:17pm: I'm an auntie
today is Adam's 23rd birthday and yesterday was Marci's. Thursday's was my dads.
Its been a fun weekend. Friday was birthday dinner with everyone at my parents. Saturday Nick and Jason went golfing so Tara and I went shopping. Then Nick's mom and fam came up for dinner and we cooked out. It was good to see them all. I get stressed out sometimes when theres more than like 5 people, I'm just weird like that. Then today Nick and I went for a really long bike ride. We normally just ride to the water tower down a ways but we went way past that today. Nick took his motorcycle down to where we turned around later today and it ended up being about 7 miles round trip that we rode. I was exhausted and my leg muscles were twitching. Other than that its just been a lazy homework kind of day, we had papa johns for dinner and it was good. I made chocolate chip cookies and Nick made no bakes.
My brother's dog Nova had her puppies today!!!!!!!! It was Adam's birthday present I guess. She had 8, but only 7 of them lived. 2 boys and 5 girls. Thats a lot considering it was her first litter. So yay for that!!!! I better get to bed since I have to work tomorrow and Nick has a hockey game.
Current Mood: grouchy

14th September 2005

10:56pm: So Nick bought a new car tonight. (well he traded in his truck). It's a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Its maroon. Bah! Thats all I have to say. I have to go study for my psych test.
Current Mood: tired

12th September 2005

9:59pm: its already almost the middle of september.
Well poopy, its Monday. I should be studying for my psych test or in bed sleeping but I don't want to. My weekend was pretty uneventful. Washed my car finally Saturday and did some shopping with Nick. Sunday we went on the golf course around the corner from us. We decided to walk there. Big mistake. It was a lot longer of a walk than we thought. We've rode our bikes past it several times, but its different when you are walking. I ended up sunburnt and with a blister on my heel from my sandals. Then we went to hockey Sunday night, they were short some players so it was a long game for them and they ended up losing by 1 point. Today it was back to work. I spent the first probably 2 and a half hours not doing much because the power was out. They were replacing transformers or something. They had a generator hooked up for the office but it wasn't enough to make the network or the fax machine work, just the phones and stuff. The afternoon went by a lot quicker though.
Tomorrow its back to school. I've been meaning to write about bat girl in my world history class. Theres this girl that comes in with a piece of string, about the size of a shoelace tied around her head like a hippie head band. Ok. But she also wears leather biker gloves that have the finger tips cut off, and this black vest. One day she had on a shirt that said something like "Yeah I love Batman." Her side book bag has the batman logo on it and she always has a stack of batman comic books that shes reading. She cracks me up. I want to take a picture of her so that everyone can see, but that wouldn't be nice and I doubt she'd appreciate it. Thats all for tonight!

5th September 2005

9:56pm: Hooray for Labor day!
What a good weekend. We went camping with Nick's family at a place called Tyler Creek, its up towards Hastings. We had a wonderful time. I hadn't been camping in a long time, so it was great. It was a perfect weekend for camping, although it did get a little chilly at night. Jason and Tara met us at our apartment after we all got out of work and we headed that way, it didn't take us that long to get there, and it was pretty scenic on the way there. Tara and I had a good time bonding with Jason and Nick's mom Saturday while the boys were all out golfing. (The camp ground was connected to a golf course). We sat around the campfire all day and just chatted, it was fun, then we made dinner for everyone. We all went swimming along with their brother Zack. Saturday night they had a DJ at the pavilion so Tara and I didn't want to sit around watching football on the TV so we went to that along with Zack. But eventually the boys came up too along with their mom and Dave. I made Nick dance with me and we had a great time. I even got the DJ to play girls just want to have fun. But by the time they stopped playing music at 11:30 I was ready for bed. Nick and I slept in my little 2 person tent, but it was warm, the ground was pretty hard though and I slept in a hole. We had a giant mantis decide to make its home between the rain gaurd and the screening at the top, which Nick pointed out right before I was getting ready to sleep. I took a picture of it. Jason took pictures of it when they got it out the next morning and threw it in the fire. The showers there were really gross and my feet ended up getting really disgusting everyday. Nick, Jason, and Zack went out golfing again Sunday so Tara and I went and laid out by the pool for a while. We ended up coming home Sunday night after dinner because we didn't really want to sleep on the ground another night. Their mom is so nice, I'm glad we all had bonding time.
Today was kinda lazy, just doing up laundry and getting groceries. Nick made hamburgers on our grill for lunch, he loves grilling. Then we went and laid out by the pool. Not the best idea for me, I got even more sunburnt so I'm feeling it now, but its mainly all on the front side. All of me is red except where my bathing suit was so I told Nick I was still wearing one. :) I took a nap for a while on the couch, but I woke up feeling like I could sleep another 3 hours. We went for a long bike ride and I started feeling crappy. So I took a shower when we got back and that made me feel a little better. Then we made chicken fajitas for dinner (Nick wanted to grill the chicken.) I have a paper due tomorrow, but I think I'm going to take the 5points off because I want to see how I did on the first one before I turn in a second one. I made cookies Thursday and everyone thought that they were great, I'm sad though that there is only two of them left on our counter. Other than that, nothing really new. I think I'm about ready for bed though. I hope everyone else had a good weekend.
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1st September 2005

9:49pm: holy cow
Now I would get into a huge spiel about gas prices, but you all already know about them. But holey moley, I can't afford this crap.

28th August 2005

12:28pm: I feel grumpy today
I think its because of a lack of sleep. I slept like crap last night and I don't know why. I just woke up a million times. I had some weird dreams, one about making a turkey dinner, and another about a bomb. I finally got up shortly around ten. I've just felt really crabby all morning but I don't know why.
Yesterday was ok. I went swimming and got sunburnt, no surprise there. I went for a bike ride, I felt really out of shape afterwards. I cleaned the whole apartment really good, but it was just pointless. I made brownies. Oh, and I also did some more job hunting before grocery shopping. Due to a lack of participation girls night kind of went down the drain. Sorry Tata!! Kind of a good thing though because I really need to stop spending money. Yay though, Tara and I will get to hang out next weekend when we go camping.
Nick was at a softball tournament in Litchfield all day. He got home though and he was very sunburnt also. He was really gassy last night and it was gross. I fell asleep on the couch when he was watching the race and I woke up drooling, it was only a cat nap though. Speaking of cat, I just cut off my nails because I had claws. Well I suppose I'll go look through the newspaper and go eat some brownies that sound good.
Current Mood: grumpy
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